“Part designer, part developer — a talented person who can design visually and is fluent in HTML/CSS. This type of person defies the odds of the creative realm and can bring all of your wildest dreams into reality.”

Let’s just say that after MySpace came out in 2003, I knew what I was meant to do — I create impactful designs by incorporating vibrant colors, passionate use of grids and polished typography. As a designer, I transcend boundaries by creating art and design that shares the positive energy I put into every single piece.

I am versed in nearly all aspects of digital design, however my focus is on Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design and Front-end Development. I have a knack for organization which helps me to be efficient and effective when working on any project. I take great pride in my attention to detail and problem-solving ability.

My skill-set has been refined immensely by my time in the Digital Design program at the University of Colorado Denver. I am driven by my personal spirituality and dedication to a balanced and enlightened life.

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